We develop A.I. applications for greenhouse farmers.

Artificial Intelligence; a concept that makes many people think of human-like computers we see on tv. In reality, we are talking about advanced software capable of thinking and deciding on its own. It is a revolution in computing science that will forever change our world. Aruku is building software that uses this technology.

On this page you will find a short description of what you can expect of A.I. and Aruku. This page is primarily intended for (greenhouse) farmers who have an interest in pushing their work to the next level. If you want to know how we can help your company utilize A.I., please contact us.


In 2050 there will be 10 billion people that need to be fed, by innovating we can make this a reality.

Artificial Intelligence

When we are talking A.I. we are often talking about a technique called Machine Learning, and in recent years ever more frequently of a specialization in this domain called Deep Learning. Using these techniques, that partially emulate the human brain, software is capable of making decisions on its own, form new ideas, and complete tasks. All without human help.

A.I. is already playing a major role in many industries. It is a vital part in the development of self driving cars and helps us control the powergrid. Companies like Amazon use it to run their warehouses, and stock prices are being predicted by A.I. for investors. Even the messages you see on Facebook or Youtube are selected by an A.I.. We are no longer talking about something in the future, this is technology being used today, and the possibilities for agriculture are huge.


To teach an A.I. something it needs information (data). Information can be anything from photos and videos, chemical measurements, sensor data, audio, or historical sales numbers in an excel sheet. Even the weather forecast is information. Instead of comparing data to existing information like older technologies do, an A.I. learns what information means just like humans do, thus allowing it to recognize and interpret completely new data without having to compare it to old files, this is what makes these systems incredibly powerful and dynamic.
A.I. is something that depends on information, there are roughly two types of A.I. used by Aruku.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Automatic recognition and judgment

Artificial Intelligence is just as good, and often better, at recognizing patterns in information and making judgments based on what it sees. The applications of such software are endless, think for example of automatic quality control, monitoring plant health or detecting diseases before a human ever could. The A.I. uses information and learns through a "training process" to learn what the information means. Following training it can make judgments about completely new information of a similar nature. The A.I. will use new data to continuously improve itself and can work day and night.


A different type of A.I. can make predictions based on existing information. We have developed software that can accurately predict crop yields up to a week in advance (and sometimes further). But it can also be used to predict, for example, the price of a cucumber that will be harvested tomorrow, or how many sunflowers will be required in China next month.


Most robots are very stupid. They can only do 1 thing repeatedly and can't deal with any irregularities. With A.I. robots can be made smart. Suddenly, the robots that can maintain and harvest crops are within reach. And the best thing? They can correct their own mistakes, clean themselves, plug themselves in a charging station and move around on their own.

Agriculture - The Autonomous Greenhouse

For companies active in agriculture there are many processes that can benefit from this technology. Especially when information is already available, or can be collected easily, we can innovate quickly and boost yields and profits.

Aruku is building towards the autonomous greenhouse. One where the farmer manages a dozen farms all across the globe, only taking action when really needed. The A.I. monitors every plant, every pepper, tomato and orchid. It takes care of them automatically and efficiently. This vision will not come to fruition overnight, there are plenty of tasks left that need to be understood and automated first, to great benefit of those involved. We can help you grow and discover where a the biggest impact can be made. Be it in the optimization of your sales process by forecasting yields and prices, or in providing a drone that can discover diseases early for you, for us the technology is the same, for you it is a revolution.

Aruku B.V.

Aruku B.V. is a startup located in the Dutch city of Utrecht. We are specialized in developing artificial intelligence for the agricultural sector, data gathering and analysis. Aruku was founded in 2017.


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